Véronique Simon condemned


The tragic story of Margaret Seilé

disfigured by Dr. Véronique Simon


In 1996, i’m in my 50’s and still very dymanic with a very fullfilling life when I decide to freshen up my looks to give it a little less « thin » look which i inherited from my family genes. As usual in these types of situations, i ask around to try and obtain some good refrences and i’m oriented towards Dr. Véronique Simon. I do a little research and it appears that she is already quite the name.


As a dermatologist, she presents herself as " The female pope of rejuvenation without surigcal interventions”, which is exactyl what i am looking for, furthermore it seems that the jet set crown seems to have worked with her before.


Her physique is petit and thin, Dr. Véronique Simone seems a little awkard and wishes to inform me of her perosnal problems ; she’s once again going through a tax audit and her husban seems to have taken her children away from her to take them to Israel… Her medical offers come quickly, she’s going to inject my here, here , and there, three to four times per year, and i’ll quickly start seeing the differences in my appearance.


As confirmed, i did see them.


For the moment, i’m paying my consults (very expensive of course, but i was well aware of that before hand), although i’m a little surprised at the fact that i’m not obtaining more details on what is the exact treatement that i am receiving and didn’t even proceed to the usual health questionnaire. Dr. Véronique Simon doesn’t even seem to believe that preliminary tests on my health need to be done beforehand. But Dr. Simon isn’t worried about that, nor does she encourage me to ask more details or inform myself on what is going on as it seems patients are coming in and out quite quickly and need to be dealt with in a short period of time.


Nevertheless, I will go to her medical cabinet during three years for my anual two to three injections. At first, i have to say that i’m quite satisfied with the resualts, which aren’t spectacular, but do appear to give my skin the disered look that i was searching for, a natural one that is. And after seven yeras of treatement, all of a sudden red spots start to appear on the exact locations where i received the injections, that is to say, on my cheeks and forehears. I start to feel worried, so of course I go in for a consulat with Dr.Simon who reassures me that it’s just a usual inflammation effect which I shouldn’t worry about and injects me with a different product which is meant to relieve me from the pain.


Unfortunatley, my trip to hell has just started....


The state of my facial appearnce is deterioting rapidly to the point that after a few months I no longer look like my true self: huge reddish and swollen tumors have disfigured me. At the time it’s in 2003, the shock is immense and the consequences are devastating whether it be in my professional life which is becoming impossible and my social life as well without even mentioning my sentimental life. I start to enter into a depression and the only things that are keeping me together is the medication of antidepressants, anxiolytics, hypnotics. Not only am I becoming hideous, but my facial  tumors  are painful, and the quantities of make up that I must apply to try and hide my crippling looks have become and unsupportable torture. Twice a day, I must apply and remove make up in order to keep up appearences. When I walk down the street i feel that I must walk with my head looking down and I must dissimulate, the best I can, my crippled face. I no longer speak to anyone, I try not to go out, unless necessary and i’m isolating myself from the rest of the world. I feel that my privacy has been breached in the deepest manner and I am ashamed and feel as if i had been raped. Because that is what it feels like ! It feels as though my own identity has been raped.


The Dr. Véronique Simon has stolen my life from me and the pain that i feel makes me feel as though I am a stranger to myself.


I search deep inside myself to find the strength and energy because I want to fight against this. I don’t want to die with this sentiment of injustice which is devouring my daily life.


I call upon the Parisien General Medical Council. The day I am called upon to present my case in front of the council, I am amazed to find out the the « Simon cases » seem to be lining up on a regular basis. There are already half a dozen complaints in the same state as myself. Dr. Simon is there, perfectly calm, and seems to be bored out of her mind. Once my turn to speak is up, she automatically says that she has never seen me before…Therefore the only diagnostic I can receive from the council is that complaint inadmissible. I am devastated…


Between then, I start to make consults with luminary figures of restorative surgery, professor Laurent Lantieri and Maurice Mimoun, whom I would like to thank publicly for their kindness and both were exemplary figures. However their verdicts fall like a guillotine. Dr.Simon had injected me with silicone, which formally prohibited, also used nonabsorbable threads. The damage has been so devastating that i have become inoperable, and no one in the world can do anything to « fix » me. I have been disfigured for life. I have the impression that I feel myself emptying completely at the statement of diagnosis, knowing full well that the process which is disfiguring me will continue its inexorable march. Both of them inform me and confirm that these reactions befall only seven years after the first injection.

My perspectives in the years to come are to appear as, or close to the elephant man.


Who would want to live this way ?


But the for the moment my fight isn’t over. It is out of the question that I let Dr.Simon get away with this. I have taken up an attorney, a wonderful woman, Mrs Samia Meghouche, who is used to people with lost causes. The medical expertise, after the biopsie, concludes that there is in fact "silicone and used nonabsorbable threads" in my skin. The Professor Laurent Lantieri, generously accepts to testify the expertise required by the courts ; he ays " I am tired of seeing CRIMINAL doctors who disfigure patients" .


Since Simon is famous !!! Now that I have spoken about her around me, especially to medical professionals, all I hear is « oh yeah, we know her ! » . The court hearings take place between specialists, experts and lawyers. In my file there is ; the medical certificats from Professor Laurent Lantieri and Mimoun, my social securtiy certificate that attests to my inaptitude to work and has therefore put me to early retirement,and finally the certificate that the psychiatrist who has been been treating and who certifies that my antidepressant are causing a significant loss of my teeth ...


I win my trial. The courts condems Dr.Véronique Simon. This decision falls on the 15 of February 2010, in which the Court held, "that there is a stack of precise elements that proves and establishs that Dr. Simon had injected liquid silicone during the on Miss. Seilé ; given the hazardous nature of this product, this injection is a breach which assumes responsibility, and shall indemnify Mrs. Seile for any losses suffered as a result of this » The court concludes that  Dr.Véronique Simon had not given Madame Seilé consistent care acquired from science and therefore ordered to compensate all injuries related to the injection of liquid silicone in her face and also the nonabsorbable threads.


Simon had three insurers who withdrew themselfs on the basis of « very serious misconduct », to be clear, the court decided that the insurers shouldn’t assume the guarantee of the basis that « Dr. Simon has performed acts that are not contractually guaranteed »


Could this be the quarry for the dermatologist?


Nevertheless my joy remains mixed, since this woman who destroyed my life is only sentenced to 88.200 € + 3000 € of damages and claim of the french article 700 of the Code of Civil Procedure (attorney's fees)+ costs (legal fees and medical expertise). Of course it is heartening to see that justice has been done, but I was hoping, expecting, that she be banned from the medical community or put in jail. Criminals who have taken lives, pay a price, why not Simon ? Has she not taken some of life away for the past ten years ? Has she not deprived me of some of the years ahead to come ? The fact that I have been the only one to have won my trial against this « doctor », criminal, flayer, (it’s true, when i first met her, Simon told me that in order to help pay for her medical studies she had worked at the morgue, i should have known better)


And the worst is yet to come…


A few months after winning my trial, I found out that Dr.Simon is based in London. Incredulous I click on her website ; and there it is, it’s her, impeccably looking, appears to worry about her patients, with her cabinet based in the upscale neighbourhood of the english capital, offering on her professional website, a range of rejuvenating products in her name... (her company is based in Monaco) I tremble with indignation!

I therefore take my case upon the competent court in London. The sentence is the same: "guilty". 


To this day, Dr. Simon has never appealed to any of the court rulings.


But I have yet to receive any of the amount that the court sentenced her to pay me.


I therefore have to animate this blog, warn, prevent others so that no one goes through the same sufference that I have endured and that i am still enduring. Ultimately trying to prevent a rotten apple to spoil the barrel.


My future is on this path and I shall go all the way !


Margaret Seilé


Thanks to


Professor Laurent Lantieri et Professor Maurice Mimoun

Mrs Samia Meghouche lawyer in Paris court 

The writer council Dominique Rougier ( www.reussirsesecrits.com )

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